"Khalood saved me from throwing in the towel in my business and personal life, too. Through her coaching she helped me let go of anger and pain and helped me to shift my focus onto things that really matter and move me forward. She's committed, professional and have a great coaching skills. I'm very grateful for having had her in my life."


Anita Smith - United Kingdom

"Khalood is a combination of directness and delight. She is witty, charming and relentless...the perfect combination in a mindset coach! She asked me direct questions to dig up what was standing in the way of my goal, and what I needed to do first to make the most impact. She made me feel confident about my story by reframing it! Then, armed with an action plan and even some examples of how to word my discussions, the inevitable thing for me to do was to take that action...an action that made sense and also made me feel uncomfortable. Khalood delivered mindset and action. And that was just the discovery call..."


Krista Pretty-Entrepreneur- Ontario, Canada

"My call with Khalood was great. She gave me lots of great mindset tools. I especially appreciate her spiritual side. She's able connect with her clients on a deeper level. I also like the idea that she individualizes her programs."


Tannaz Kazemian - Montreal, Quebec

"Just one hour with Khalood helped me have a breakthrough with the way I’ve been thinking about my business. I’ve been stuck in the comparison game, and feeling defeated by the mile-high standards I had set for myself. Khalood helped me see things in a different light. She asked me “What would you be saying to yourself right now if you already WERE the successful agency owner?” A simple but powerful mindset shift! OMG I *definitely* wouldn’t be beating myself up so much! It was insane because I could hear myself talking differently in my head. In one afternoon, I finished setting up my website home page! Thank you Khalood!"

Julia Street- Honolulu, Hawaii

"Working with Khalood is very much like meeting your long lost girlfriend who gently delivers truth bombs to steer you on course and leave you feeling confident in moving forward. I left my session with her with knowing I had to move forward because "I was either choosing to lose in fear of something that happened when I was 5 or I was moving forward to choose to change lives. I booked a client the next day. I chose to move forward. Thanks, Khalood."


Kelly Lunt-Chattanooga, TN

"Working with Khalood has been a game changer for me! Before working with her, I struggled with my confidence and always second guessed myself. Khalood is one of the most down to earth and inspiring people I know! Now I believe in myself and my abilities to reach my goals. Khalood has helped me to find the courage to go for my dreams! I would highly suggest working with this wonderful woman if you are looking to change your life."

Sarah Liz Byrd, Personal Development Coach

"Khalood Sultana is the real deal. She is passionate, caring, and genuinely concerned about the success of others. After one coaching session I realized that I was over complicating my path for success. Thank you for helping me simplify!"


Lorri Silvera, Success Coach